Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship twin degree recipients on UT Dallas commencement day

Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UT Dallas

Join a nationally-recognized program with outstanding student opportunities to develop and launch your business.

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Is innovation in your DNA, too?

UT Dallas was born out of innovation, so we don’t just teach it – we live it.

Our UT Dallas founders, Eugene McDermott, J. Erik Jonsson and Cecil Green, were entrepreneurs — founders of the company that spawned Texas Instruments — and our University is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit they imprinted on our institutional DNA.

The Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program offers a vast range of programming like student clubs, pitch competitions and speaker events (encompassing panels, workshops, fireside chats and guest talks) that support the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.

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innovation team competing in the annual Big Idea Competition

Education With an Emphasis on Experience

You get the best of both: Exceptional in-class instruction led by world-class faculty and an extensive catalog of experience-based courses delivered by successful entrepreneurs.

Our students have the opportunity to tap into customizable, hands-on programs developed by industry experts. Our students learn real-world skills and knowledge that support entrepreneurial success and an entrepreneurial mindset.

You can customize your results-oriented curriculum to align with your goals, including concentrating in New Venture or Innovation with the Corporation.

Startup Launch courses

enable students to launch companies while receiving academic credit. Students with scalable concepts can apply for office space in the Venture Development Center and receive customized mentorship experiences.

The Seed Fund Venture Analyst course

lets you conduct due diligence and make investment recommendations for the University’s exclusive venture fund, the UT Dallas Seed Fund.

The Entrepreneurial Experience course

partners with major technology companies to analyze new market opportunities.


provide students with the opportunity to work with a startup company or corporation, getting paid while gaining experience and receiving course credit.

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Turn your ideas into business results.

If you’re looking for a master’s degree program that will arm you with the necessary tools to marry your creative ideas with business savvy, look no further than the Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our students and alumni have to say about the secret to their success.

Student Testimonials

Mark Kukiz

Mark Kukiz, MS 19

Product Manager, Peloton

The Professional MBA at UT Dallas provided the flexibility for a tailor-made education with subjects I am most passionate about. The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum enhanced my MBA through practical undertakings in both startup and corporate intrapreneurship settings. The cohort program was a differentiator, enabling the collaborative, in-person experience I was looking for. 
Jim Ramsey

James Ramsey, MS 19

I enrolled in the Master of Science degree program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship right after leaving Xerox Corporation in late 2017. I found the UT Dallas courses extremely interesting, and JSOM has assembled a great team of instructors that bring both academic and real-world credentials and experiences. 
Chris Bagwell

Chris Bagwell, MS 19

Senior Business Analyst, Pizza Hut

The Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is more than an education in how to start a business. The program’s excellent professors bring a wealth of experience and a vast network to give you real-world insight that you can’t find in a textbook. Not only has the MSIE program given me the necessary technical skills to start a business, but it has also introduced me to experienced professionals who have shared decades’ worth of lessons learned. 
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Open the door to endless career opportunities.

The Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program focuses on your personal, professional journey.

Whether you want to leverage your new skills to catalyze your current career or use them to launch your own successful business, our degree program will teach you how to design and launch the future you want.

We Cover All the Bases

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are not “one size fits all.” There are many possibilities. We offer resources and guidance, along with access to successful entrepreneurs and leading professionals from all aspects of the business world. UT Dallas is also located in a home built for startups, budding entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes.

Career Paths Roadmap for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

You can tailor your degree to pursue a wide range of career paths.

Startup Company

Founder | Co-Founder | CEO | CTO | CFO | VP Marketing | Chief Information Officer and more


Business Development | Project Management | R&D | Finance | Marketing | New Product Development | New Business Models | Corporate Venture Capital | Strategy/Strategist | Chief Innovation Officer and more

Investment Professional

Venture Capital | Private Equity | Accelerator | Incubator | Angel Group | Investment Banking | Corporate Venture Capital | Early Stage Seed-Funding and more

Nonprofit Organizations

Founder | Co-Founder | CEO | CFO | Business Development | VP Marketing and more

Class Profile – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Demographic and Other Information – Spring 2017


Average Age

business woman and man icon


36% Female
64% Male

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International Mix

59% U.S.
41% International


Number of ENTP Courses


Average GPA


Total Course Enrollment

Up 23% from prior year


Average Class Size

Resource Articles

Discover how Innovation and Entrepreneurship faculty are researching, publishing, speaking and engaging in the business community. The authors of these articles also include Innovation and Entrepreneurship students, staff and friends.

speeding train

The “Shelf Life” of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Written by Jackie Kimzey

What are we to do to avoid becoming part of the “Corporate Graveyard” of America? The question becomes to disrupt or be disrupted.

entrepreneurs brainstorming with sticky notes

The Startup Journey: Phase 3

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the next phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s keep going with phase three – the launch to growth!

brainstorming session on whiteboad with sticky notes

The Startup Journey: Phase 2

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the next phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s keep going with phase two – the idea to launch!

wadded up paper on brainstorm notebook

The Startup Journey: Phase 4

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the final phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s end with phase four – the innovative mindset!

student working on a whiteboard

The Startup Journey: Phase 1

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What are the phases of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s start with phase one – theoretical development!

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