Organizations, Strategy & International Management (OSIM) Programs at UT Dallas

Before their commencement ceremony, students from the Naveen Jindal School of Management practiced the Whoosh, a sign designed for Comets to show their school spirit.

Prepare yourself for managing in a dynamic global environment.

Join a multidisciplinary group of management educators and scholars engaged in cutting-edge research and teaching activities.

Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Organizations, Strategy and International Management?

Bachelor’s Degree Program

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Build your understanding of business fundamentals and learn skills in innovation, management and international business.

BS in Business Administration BS in Global Business BS in Healthcare Management BS in Human Resource Management

Master’s Degree Programs

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Find the Organizations, Strategy, and International Management graduate degree that matches your interests.

MS in Healthcare Leadership and Managmement MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship MS in International Management Studies

PhD International Management Studies

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Develop strong research skills that are especially relevant for students interested in an academic career. Each year the OSIM area sponsors a seminar series to bring researchers from other universities to UT Dallas.

PhD in International Management Studies
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What Is Organizations, Strategy and International Management (OSIM)?

The Organizations, Strategy, and International Management Area is a multidisciplinary group of management educators and scholars engaged in cutting-edge research and teaching activities. The area’s world-class research and teaching covers such disciplines as:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • International business/international management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Organization theory
  • Strategic management

The Organizations, Strategy, and International Management Area provides both Undergraduate and Graduate students a solid foundation in various areas of study. Whether your focus is Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, International Management, or Healthcare you will be prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s leaders in business.

We also offer a wide variety of elective courses for BA, MBA and MS programs that prepare you for the challenges of managing in a dynamic global environment.

Resource Articles

Discover how OSIM faculty are researching, publishing, speaking and engaging in the business community. The authors of these articles also include OSIM students, staff and friends.

map of global COVID impact

Coronavirus Can Redefine Healthcare in the U.S.

Written by Mehmet Ayvaci

Innovative use of technology in responding to the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented. Tech in the U.S. is putting its resources, such as machine learning and cloud capabilities, to study patient blood samples. The goal is to innovate.

brainstorming session on whiteboad with sticky notes

The Startup Journey: Phase 2

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the next phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s keep going with phase two – the idea to launch!

Capsim balanced scorecard graphic

Capsim and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Written by Larry Chasteen

The BSC provides managers with a fast but comprehensive view of the business. It includes financial measures that reflect the results of actions already taken.

student working on a whiteboard

The Startup Journey: Phase 1

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What are the phases of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s start with phase one – theoretical development!

entrepreneurs brainstorming with sticky notes

The Startup Journey: Phase 3

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the next phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s keep going with phase three – the launch to growth!

Larry Chasteen and student

Capsim: How to Win

Written by Larry Chasteen

Are you looking to get ahead on the Capsim Foundation Challenge? Do you want to win at Capsim? You get to practice making executive decisions regarding accounting, finance, research, design, and more. Many activities mimic real-life situations.

Jindal School student working on health records

The Importance of Electronic Health Records

Written by Timothy Stephens

Electronic medical records are digitized records of clinical services provided to a patient by a provider — a digitized copy of a patient’s medical charts. Electronic health records are interconnected databases.

Britt Berrett in his office

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Britt Berrett

Written by Gaby Mokry

What’s the measure of a community? Dr. Britt Berrett shares with us the trajectory of healthcare management in the industry.

wadded up paper on brainstorm notebook

The Startup Journey: Phase 4

Written by Jeremy Vickers

What’s the final phase of the entrepreneurial startup journey? Let’s end with phase four – the innovative mindset!

Student podcaster

Business of Healthcare Podcast Episodes 1 Through 67

Written by Jimmie Markham

Below you’ll find a list of all our episodes so far. We’ve been actively producing podcasts and sharing them on all regular podcasting platforms. Going forward, we’ll be linking our podcast episodes here so you have the chance to check them out.

John McCracken leading a healthcare class

Leading Change in the American Healthcare System

Written by Keith Thurgood

One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare system is leading with effective change. In response, the Jindal School has taken on the challenge and launched a new master’s degree program for healthcare professionals seeking additional education.

Proud Bachelor's in Business Administration graduate

Why a Degree in Business Administration

The undergraduate years usually are some of the most important and formative years for any college student. This is the time to explore all options, test assumptions, engage in personal and professional development activities and commit to internships — all in the spirit of learning as much as possible about the many aspects of a business.

person holding credit card

Why the globalization backlash?

Written by Clint Peinhardt

Does it matter that voters are becoming more skeptical of globalization? It does, and not just because they are also consumers. Read on to find out why.

speeding train

The “Shelf Life” of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Written by Jackie Kimzey

What are we to do to avoid becoming part of the “Corporate Graveyard” of America? The question becomes to disrupt or be disrupted.

Capsim team working together in conference room

Forecasting in Capsim: The Next Piece of the Puzzle

Written by Larry Chasteen

To forecast is to predict future sales using previous data. Forecasting accurately in Capsim allows players to make the best business decisions possible and to make large profits without any emergency loans.

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Alumni Spotlights

Kyle Frederick portrait

Kyle Frederick, BS’04

Residential Realtor

Frederick, who earned a BS/Business Administration degree at Jindal School, with a concentration in management information systems, is a residential Realtor.

Jenny Rush portrait

Jenny Rush, BS’85

Founder, Lymethriving

I came to UT Dallas in the early ‘80s when the campus was young. I loved the flexibility of night classes as I was working full-time at an advertising agency.

Vik Thapar portrait

Vik Thapar, BS’00

Principal, Cypress Growth Capital

Thapar, a Dallas resident, was born and grew up just a few miles from the UT Dallas campus in Richardson.

Heidi Rasmussen portrait

Heidi Rasmussen, BS’92

Co-Founder and COO, Freshbenies

Heidi Rasmussen, a former retail executive, and her husband, Reid Rasmussen, a former health insurance company manager, knew health benefits were complicated for employers and their workers.

Brett Philips portrait

Brett Philips, BS’05, MS’09

Founding Partner, Shifflett & Philips

Philips, and his friend Nick Shifflett, started Shifflett & Philips accounting firm in 2014 in Frisco. Philips, a CPA, had worked at other accountancies for more than nine years before going out on his own. His practice now primarily focuses on the performance of federal and state tax compliance and consulting with individuals, estates, partnerships and closely held corporations. Philips holds two Jindal School degrees – a bachelor’s in Business Administration, which he completed in 2005, and an MS/Accounting which he completed in 2009.

Anjie Vichayanonda portrait

Anjie Vichayanonda, BS’08

Founder And CEO, Leg Up Legal

I wanted to come back to Texas to be closer to family, so I joined the Dallas office of Haynes and Boone, LLP, in 2017.

Doug Hermann portrait

Doug Hermann, BS’14

Broker Associate, The Weitzman Group

Hermann double-majored while at Jindal School, graduating with a degree in Finance and a degree in Business Administration.

Robert Kientz portrait

Robert Kientz, BS’04

Senior Security Analyst, Verizon Wireless

In his role with Verizon, Kientz performs risk assessment of information security vulnerabilities and system security policy compliance.

Fallon D. Wallace, MS’15 MBA’15

Associate Site Administrator, Parkland Health And Hospital System

Wallace, who earned her MBA and master’s degree in Healthcare Management at Jindal School, assists with all aspects of operations at Parkland’s Southeast Dallas Health Center, including administrative, business and clinical, in addition to the design of work processes, prioritization of initiatives and clinic performance improvement projects. She’s been at Parkland for almost four years.

Paulina Jesionek, BS’13, MS’15, MBA’15

Marketing Program Specialist, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Jesionek graduated cum laude in Fall 2013 with two undergraduate degrees – Global Business and Marketing. She delivered the commencement address that year.

Brad Perkinson portrait

Brad Perkinson, BS’08, MS’09

Founder,CEO and Brewer, Firewheel Brewing Co., LLC

This Naveen Jindal School of Management grad took the opportunity of getting laid off to pursue a dream of starting what is now known as FireWheel Brewery in Rowlett.

Dustin Gadberry portrait

Dustin Gadberry, BS’07

Chief Executive Officer, Gadberry Construction Company, Inc.

Gadberry is in his second decade in the construction business, having launched his company in 2000. He grew the business while completing his degree at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Cristie Schlosser portrait

Cristie Feldman Schlosser, ASID, RID, NKBA, NCIDQ , BS’84

Principal Interior Designer, Schlosser Design Group, LLC

The highlight of my current career has been recognition by my peers as an award-winning interior designer.

Julie McClure

Julie McCure, MS’13

Texas Health Resources, Network Specialist

McCure, who earned her master’s degree in Healthcare Management, is part of a team managing Southwestern Health Resources’ preferred network of physicians and specialists. In addition, she’s working on an initiative to improve communication between Texas Health Physician’s Group and Texas Health Behavioral Health Help Line.

The Perdue Family

Connie, Caitlin and Brad Perdue

For the Perdue family, attending the Jindal School is a family tradition that stands out among many others. Parents Brad and Connie met while graduate students in the 1980s, and many years later, daughter Caitlin received her undergraduate degree as well.

Scott Birnbaum portrait

Scott Birnbaum, BS’84

Founder And President, Reclaimed Textiles Co.

Scott Birnbaum, a former CPA, founded a business that recycles items otherwise destined for the garbage heap. He established Reclaimed Textiles Co. (RTCM), which repurposes discarded textiles for new use. As president, he is active in all aspects of the company and constantly relies on skills learned while a student at the Jindal School. In addition to his 18 years in textile recycling, he has experience in defense manufacturing, transportation and publishing. Scott established RTCM based on his values regarding quality, innovation and customer focus, and he is committed to developing new means to repurpose used goods in the U.S. and in developing countries.

Phil Neighorn portrait

Phil Neighorn, BA’95, MBA’01

Managing Director, Central Zone Surety Practice, Leadermarsh USA

Phil Neighorn has more than 16 years of experience as an insurance professional and balances his time between working for Marsh USA, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, and mentoring Jindal School students. He is committed to helping both audiences develop business strategies to successfully reach goals. Whether he is assisting an international client or providing advice to a promising student, he regularly shares his extensive industry knowledge. He also routinely uses the skills he developed while earning his undergraduate degree and an MBA from the Jindal School.

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Aubrey Meyers portrait

Aubrey Meyers, BS’05, MBA’06

SVP and Deputy General Counsel, Caliber Home Loans, Inc

After Meyers received her BSBA and MBA at UT Dallas, she went to University of Illinois College of Law, graduating in 2009 with a law degree. She returned to the North Texas area, working for a couple law firms before moving to Caliber Home Loans.

Randy Black portrait

Randy Black, CFP, CDFA, BS’06

Financial Planner, Spectrum Financial Group

Black, a certified financial planner, is certain that a successful leader will go above and beyond what is expected when helping others. This value is evident in his work helping numerous clients reach their financial goals. Since his May 2006 graduation from the Jindal School, Black has exceeded several industry standards even though he has not yet reached his 10-year mark in the professional world.

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OSIM Publication Activity

Learn more about OSIM faculty’s publishing in leading journals by visiting the OSIM Faculty Research and Achievements page.

Student Testimonials

Cezar De Paula

Cezar de Paula , BS’17

International Payroll Specialist, LATAM at Expedia Group

The BS Global Business program was the perfect fit for my educational goals. After I started my courses, I found the program far exceeded my expectations.
Arjun Daru

Arjun Daru , BS’19

Credit Risk Analyst, Jack Henry & Associates

The best part of the Global Business program at UT Dallas is how much exposure you get to other countries and cultures.
Eli Murphy

Elijah Murphy, BS’21

Current student

During my freshman year at The University of Texas at Dallas, I found the BSBA program to be integral to my success. Not only did I learn a lot about the business world and what I have to look forward to in my career path, but I also learned a lot about myself. Through various self-evaluations and the opportunity to listen to professors from several departments of the business school, I discovered where my interests in the field of business lie and what I can do to improve myself to reach my professional goals.  
Erva Kan

Erva Kan , BS’17

Analyst, Investment Office of Turkey

Looking back, the Regional Desks Program was beneficial and a good stepping stone for entering the workforce.
Juan Sepulveda

Juan Sepulveda III

Field Study, Tokyo, Japan

Today was a long and eventful day. We took three flights to get to Osaka, and a bus ride to get to Nara. I have been up for about two days straight, considering we crossed the International Date Line. Our first flight was through United Airlines, and we had a 5-hour layover in Houston. While in Houston, I grabbed some coffee at the airport Starbucks and book by Neil Gaiman entitled American Gods. During the layover, I tried to close my eyes for a bit and watch some Netflix using the free Wi-Fi. During the 13-hour flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, I spent a great deal of time reading about half of the book I purchased in Houston. My classmate and I were uncertain about the video on demand service, and thought the inflight videos cost money due to the credit card reader on the side of the remote, so we decided not to even bother with extra cost. Read full story.
Mindy Tiu

Mindy Tiu

Commercial Leadership Program, General Electric Company

The I&E courses have been extremely valuable for me. I’m learning skill sets that will help me whether I work for a large company or decide to start my own business someday.
Nelson Mavares

Nelson Mavares, BS’18

Cloud Analyst, Oracle

The HRM program was an excellent catapult for my career. The comprehensive curriculum accompanied by exceptional professors and mentors prepared me for my career in consulting. 
Trysten Henderson

Trysten Henderson, BS’17

J.D. Candidate, The University of Texas of Law

The Global Business program has also changed how I communicate and solve problems in my personal and professional life.
Manasi Shinde

Manasi Shinde

Intern, The Design House, Dublin, Ireland

I am a marketing and global business double major hence being a marketing intern in a foreign country was something I had planned to do in my freshman year at UT Dallas. Getting accepted into the international internship program to Dublin, Ireland and being a marketing intern at a fashion house, The Design House Dublin was a dream come true. My entire experience at The Design House and Dublin was knowledgeable and fun. Read full story.
Nichole Selensky

Nickole Selensky, BS’19

Human Resources Assistant, Dentsply Sirona
Summer Scholar – Human Capital Business Analyst Intern, Deloitte

The HRM program at UTD played a key role in setting me up for success post-graduation. The instructors are highly qualified and have vast experience in field.  
Mark Kukiz

Mark Kukiz, MS 19

Product Manager, Peloton

The Professional MBA at UT Dallas provided the flexibility for a tailor-made education with subjects I am most passionate about. The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum enhanced my MBA through practical undertakings in both startup and corporate intrapreneurship settings. The cohort program was a differentiator, enabling the collaborative, in-person experience I was looking for. 
Farrah Younes

Farrah Younes

Intern, Best Way Travel, Cairo, Egypt

Best Way Travel, located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt, is one of the leading travel agencies in the country since 2004. This travel and tourism agency is specialized in handling inbound tours from a wide range of countries around the world, i.e. Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and Tanzania. Best Way Travel aims to provide their clients with a combination of comfort, convenience, as well as security without emptying their bank accounts. In addition to providing excellent service at an affordable price, this agency also customized personalized holiday packages for both individuals and groups of people. Read full story.
Ann Matthew

Ann Matthew, BS’18

Senior Consultant, A-LIGN

I discovered the BS Global Business program at the Jindal School of Management in high school when researching reputable business schools.
Kennedy Shaffer

Kennedy Shaffer, MS’20

Patient Coordinator, Identity Eyecare

Upon graduation, I approached one of my professors with my dilemma, and he introduced me to ‘the business of healthcare.’ I have been hooked ever since!
Quinn Love

Quinn Love, BS’19

HR Project Analyst, Baylor Scott & White Health

During my time at UTD in the BS in Human Resource Management program I made great connections and was provided with relevant information.  
Lindsey Triplett

Lindsey Triplett, BS’18

HR and Accounting Administrator, R. Triplett Construction

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in human resource management. 
Nivi Nataraj

Nivi Nataraj

Intern, Talking Tables, London, England

My international internship in London this year has been the most enjoyable and educational summer yet. On its own, two months in London itself is amazing. But I had the opportunity to work with some of the best people I possibly could. They helped me realize my potential as an individual in the workplace and out. For me, this was my first experience in a workplace that trusted me enough to let me learn by doing. Every time I was assigned a task, whoever was responsible for the task would patiently explain what they wanted done, how to do it, and why they do it that way. This way, I was able to learn various software experience and hone my skills in working in an international company. Read full story.
Nadia Ahmed

Nadia Ahmed

Intern, Wellness Telecom, Seville, Spain

This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity participate in GlobalEd’s internship program and intern at Wellness Telecom in Seville, Spain. Wellness Telecom is a telecommunications company that works with new technologies in order to build a better, more efficient, and better connected world with innovative technological solutions. The company works in four lines of business: Telecommunication and IT Systems, Cloud Computing, Smart Cities and R & D. I interned under the international development division, which allowed me to build upon my marketing skills. The GlobalEd program not only placed me at my internship, but placed me in intensive Spanish course that provided me with a beginner level in Spanish. Read full story.
Nora Tassabhji

Nora Tassabhji, MS’18

Senior Regulatory Associate, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The program perfectly aligned my healthcare and business interests hand in hand. The resources you can access as a student are unmatched.
Jim Ramsey

James Ramsey, MS 19

I enrolled in the Master of Science degree program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship right after leaving Xerox Corporation in late 2017. I found the UT Dallas courses extremely interesting, and JSOM has assembled a great team of instructors that bring both academic and real-world credentials and experiences. 
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