Cezar de Paula , BS’17

Cezar de Paula
Cezar de Paula

International Payroll Specialist, LATAM at Expedia Group

When I first arrived at the University of Texas at Dallas, I was looking for a program to enrich and challenge me. The BS Global Business program was the perfect fit for my educational goals. After I started my courses, I found the program far exceeded my expectations.

The program created a unique and diverse learning environment that prepared me for real-world challenges within the global business world. Additionally, my professors made the journey exciting by exposing me to student organizations, competitions, volunteer opportunities, fundraising raising events, and study abroad programs.

I also earned the opportunity to present my undergrad research at renowned academic institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Besides the outstanding academic opportunities, I also learned practical skills that opened many doors for me professionally. Participating in extracurricular activities enhanced my resume and set an essential baseline of experience that gave me a tremendous competitive edge during interviews.

I’m so grateful for the mentors and classmates that helped me strive along the way.

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Arjun Daru , BS'19

Arjun Daru , BS'19

Credit Risk Analyst, Jack Henry & Associates

The best part of the Global Business program at UT Dallas is how much exposure you get to other countries and cultures.

Ann Matthew, BS'18

Ann Matthew, BS'18

Senior Consultant, A-LIGN

I discovered the BS Global Business program at the Jindal School of Management in high school when researching reputable business schools.

Trysten Henderson, BS'17

Trysten Henderson, BS'17

J.D. Candidate, The University of Texas of Law

The Global Business program has also changed how I communicate and solve problems in my personal and professional life.

Navar Shad, BS'15

Navar Shad, BS'15

Senior Associate, Strategy

My experience at the Jindal School may have helped build a foundation as a professional.

Erva Kan , BS'17

Erva Kan , BS'17

Analyst, Investment Office of Turkey

Looking back, the Regional Desks Program was beneficial and a good stepping stone for entering the workforce.

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